The success of GARAGE goes on!

26.-27. March 2019: Cirka Teater, Trondheim (NO) at the Starke Stücke Festival showing outstanding international theater productions for young audiences in the Rhine-Main region

This Cirka Teater production (music by Martin Smidt) has received great reviews, and won the Hedda Prize for best stage design. After the premiere at Turneteatret Trøndelag 2017, GARAGE has toured extensively in Norway, France and Italy - and next week in Frankfurt, Germany.

October 2018: Segni Dínfanzia Festival, Mantova, Italy

October 2018: Tour in Bar-le-Duc, France

26.-27. March 2019: Festival Starke Stücke, Frankfurt

2.-7. September 2019: Assitej Artistic Gathering 2019

Autumn 2019: 6 weeks tour to China (Shanghai, Beijing etc)


It’s dirty, smelly, there is smoke, hissing sounds, sometimes something catches fire … two mechanics potter about a cluttered workshop. They are working on a new invention, which once set in motion takes over the entire workshop. Who has control now? Humorously and entirely without wordsm Garage deals with craftsmanship, creativity, the perpetual desire for progress and a chicken, who lays eggs.

Cirka Teater, Trondheim (NO)

Performance: Gilles Berger, Paal Viken Bakke

Director: Espen Dekko

Composer: Martin Smidt

Set design: Gilles Berger

Choreography consultant: Silje Michaele Kvalheim

Costumes: Jenny Hilmo Teig

Illustrator: Ina Sæther berger

Producer: Monica Stendahl Rokne

In collaboration with Turnéteatret i Trøndelag